PROMO Immunity Booster Pack

Only now with our PROMO Immunity Booster Pack you pay 2 and receive 3 food supplements.

1. Hericium;
2. Healthy immunity;
3. Reishi.

177,00 лв.

Immunity Booster pack

Buy Hericium powder 50 g and Reishi powder 50 g. Get a GIFT Healthy immunity 50 g.

1. Hericium – (lions mane) known as an elixir for the nerves, suitable for people who are under stress, with sleep problems, concentration. Improves digestion.

2. Reishi – (Ganoderma) the queen of herbs, acts as a detox, improves blood circulation and is 100% alkaline.

3. Healthy immunity – Mix of Cordyceps (cordyceps elixir for lungs, heart and kidneys), Hericium and Reishi with Kamu Kamu.

The perfect combination to maintain your immunity and protect against viruses and colds during the winter months. Give yourself health and good mood.

PROMO Immunity Booster Pack

177,00 лв.

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